When you’re looking through the list of moving companies, you’re searching for movers that you can trust to take care of your belongings. North by Northwest Estate Sales, Services & Auctions is committed to providing a high standard of care to ensure our clients belongings arrive at their destination safely. We provide complete moving and cleanout services not only for our estate sale clients, but also as a stand-alone service. Schedule your move today with NXNW moving services.

Give Us A Call Today To Get The Process Started.

Give Us A Call Today To Get The Process Started.

Moving, Cleaning, and House Sale Readiness

Moving is a hugely labor-intensive process. The further away you’re moving, the more precision is necessary for a smooth transition to your new space. That’s where a professional moving crew comes into play. Unlike many other moving companies, we can also help to clean your home and ready it for sale to hand over to the new owners. If any of these services could fit your needs, please reach out.

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Give Us A Call Today To Get The Process Started.

Our Moving Companies FAQ

Let us know if you’d like more information. We’d love to chat about your moving needs.

We can move anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Fees are assessed based on distance.

We certainly think so. If you are physically unable to move your belongings, then it’s nearly a necessity. Simply for a matter of convenience to ensure smooth transitions, having a moving company take charge of your belongings simplifies that complex process of moving. This allows our clients to focus all other aspects of moving, buying, and selling. Reducing stress is what professional movers are all about.

Yes, our movers will drive the truck or trucks with your belongings. Our team knows how to handle the vehicles to reduce the possibility of any damage.

Prices for moving range from the hundreds to the thousands. Major factors include the quantity and distance to be travelled.

While moving things for our estate sale clients is a typical part of our services, we do also provide complete moving services as a stand-alone.

Absolutely. We will help to get your belongings where they need to go! We will work with any special conditions or restrictions to ensure our clients belongings arrive safely and in a timely manner.

When moving locally, book 2-4 months in advance. When moving further, give more time for the necessary arrangements to be made. If you are selling your home, be sure to account for this timeframe when scheduling your move.

This depends on the state of the items to be moved. If everything is boxed and ready to go, it can take just a couple hours to get a truck loaded, and often less to unload.

For most moving companies, the answer would be no. But since we are more than just a moving company, we can help with getting your house ready for market.

The best way to prepare is by getting belongings organized and boxed to ensure our crew and load your things as swift and safely as possible. When possible, disassemble items such as bed frames. Pre plan which rooms you would like to load first, communicate with the team, then let them work their magic!

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