If your business is closing and a full liquidation is needed, NXNW Estate Sales, Services & Auctions can help! NXNW can liquidate many types of businesses on your behalf. Whether we are conducting an auction or taking ownership of your inventory, we make the process of going out of business streamlined, simple, and more profitable for our business clients. NXNW’s business liquidation services can also facilitate cleaning after the business has been liquidated.

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What We do as a
Business Liquidation Service

When a business closes, a liquidation service can help get rid of physical assets

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When to Look for a Business Buyout Service

Our job is to help you close your doors in as profitable and straightforward a way as possible to set you up for success moving forward. We do this by arranging and conducting the sale or auction of all of your material assets. If your business is closing down, give us a call.

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What Makes NXNW Estate Sales, Services & Auctions Stand Out from Other Business Liquidation Services

From assessing to selling your items, we take care of all aspects of shutting down your physical location so you don’t have to. NXNW is a full-service company that possesses the experience and expertise to walk with our clients from start to finish! Give us a call today to get started.

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Business Liquidation
Services FAQ

If you have further questions, please contact us today. We at NXNW would be happy to answer any questions or inquiries you may have.

A company will liquidate its assets when it is going out of business. Many business owners prefer to have a professional auctioneering company take care of liquidating their material assets so they can focus on other aspects of closing.

This depends on the type and quantity of the items to be sold. To get a more specific timeline, it is necessary to set up a consultation with our team. Whatever the situation, our goal is to get you cleanly out in a quick timeframe so you aren’t responsible for additional charges associated with remaining in your space.

In a business liquidation, NXNW will manage the sale of material assets on behalf of our client. In a buyout, NXNW will purchase many or all the assets the client is looking to sell. Once an amiable agreement has been reached, NXNW will remove the items purchased. While a full liquidation auction may make more money for the client, a buyout is a convenient way to liquidate a large portion of the assets in one transaction.

Yes, but there are several advantages to hiring business liquidation services:

  • Business owners may not know how to properly appraise and attract buyers to purchase assets
  • Hiring a business liquidation services group allows you to focus on the critical aspects of closing a business that only an owner can do
  • A liquidation service like NXNW will help clean out your space on schedule so you aren’t responsible for another month’s rent

While NXNW does not take on debt directly, we can help you get a better price for your assets, which frees up more capital to pay off your debts. In many cases, the amount of money obtained through the liquidation sale process is far greater than personally trying to liquidate.

We calculate the buyout price based on our assessment of the items to be sold. To be able to give an exact figure, the assets must be available for viewing. If you are looking to sell your business’ material assets, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our goal is to save you money through this quick and convenient process.

We will sell (or remove) anything material related to the business. This includes (but is not limited to) shelving, display pieces, office furniture, vehicles, equipment, and excess inventory. If you have any questions about the items you need to liquidate, please give us a call.

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